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Aug 13, 2013 10:00pm PDT
apparent. ( cheers and applause ) euless trinity of texas has been ranked the number one high school team in america. there are 212 players on trinity's roster, five times the size of shiloh's. they are the very top of the high school football food chain. >> they won the texas state championship last year. they're always a contender. there's games that euless trinity wins just by getting off the bus. ( cheers and applause ) >> narrator: of all that stands out about trinity, it's the sheer size of their players that says the most about how high school football is changing. >> you know, it used to be if you had a 200-pound player, it was a source of embarrassment, as if you weren't a real coach and you couldn't keep all that weight run off of him, you know. "you must need to... you must be a soft coach to carry somebody that big." it's changed. >> narrator: of the 89 players on trinity's varsity team, 18 of them weigh over 250 pounds. >> if you look at it position by position, you can compare it to nfl teams. you really would. you're going to see 300-pound linemen. you're going to see 240-p
Aug 1, 2013 9:00pm PDT
, supposedly in texas. never been arrested for these crimes. >> bergman: we tracked down rene rodriguez at his home in south texas. >> bergman: rene rodriguez would retire from harris farms. when asked why there was not a criminal investigation, the fresno county sheriff said, "i don't have an answer." >> bergman: two years after the olivia tamayo verdict, the eeoc would start investigating what would become one of its biggest cases. it took place here in the yakima valley in washington state, the center of the nation's multi-billion-dollar apple industry. the case was against one of the largest apple growers in the country, evans fruit, whose orchards blanket the yakima valley. evans produces hundreds of millions of apples every year, employing thousands of seasonal laborers. the person at the center of the case was the long-time foreman of evans fruit's rattlesnake ranch, juan marin. >> bergman: women workers at evans fruit say that juan marin's sexual harassment had been an open secret for decades. but they were too afraid to speak out against their foreman. >> bergman: in the summer of 200
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)